Weilong Talent Employment Philosophy

Adhering to the employment philosophy of "people-oriented and growth oriented”.

Trying to build up the platform with capable talents employed and promoted.

Provide more opportunities for Weilong staff’s promotion and self-development.

Help staff better achieve self-value.

Company View on Talents
Honesty is the top priority
Be honest and moral in Company Operation. A man cannot succeed without honesty while a company cannot prosper without honesty. Honesty is the moral standard for a person and the foundation of the survival and development of enterprises.
Provide platform for career development
In Weilong Delicious , the greatest achievement of managers is cultivating excellent students. The company constantly explores the potential of employees. Here, there is infinite possibility as long as we are willing to learn.
Develop and grow together with the company
Weilong Delicious implements the strategy of talent strengthening enterprise. It encourages staff with mechanism and incentives, shapes them with culture, warms them with deep care and condenses them with undertakings so that all Weilong staff could co-build the platform and ecology, grow together and co-share achievements.
Make the best use of all talents and their competence.
Weilong Delicious adheres to the principle of transparent, fair and fair employment. Through the construction of professional personnel training system and professional development system, the vitality of organizations and individuals is stimulated to help Weilong staff achieve their self-value.